a little bit about what we love... our designs and products

Beautiful fabrics, hand--made with love and care for the environment. At Madder Cutch & Co we create beautifully designed fabrics that are printed using sustainable sourced plants, dyes and pigments. Our original designs are hand screen-printed on 100% linen, woven in Scotland.

creative vision

Nicola Cliffe BSc. PGCSE, MA

A chemistry teacher with a lifelong love of textiles, Nicola left the classroom to follow a childhood ream of going to art college. Triggered by a strong desire to redress the careless use of synthetic dyes worldwide, she completed an MA with distinction in sustainable textile design at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Nicola draws inspiration from her natural surroundings and turns her sketches into flowing repeats and screen-prints them by hand in her garden studio.

The delicate flowers of Achillea milliofalium that grown in her garden every summer inspired her first collection.

our colour palette

nature and design in harmony

Our natural colours are extracted from plants such as Woads, Madder, Cutch and Weld as well as the pigment charcoal. These colours have been used since antiquity and have a long and interesting history.

"It took considerable time to produce the colours for my first collection. But we have had a great deal of fun coming up with their names which have been inspired by my home surroundings of Stamford, Lincolnshire - A beautiful Georgian town where I love and have my studio." Nicola Cliffe

enduring beauty

caring for your fabric

Most of our pigments are colourfast. However because our colours are derived from natural sources, and not chemical dyes, there can be some changes. The red dyes are the most likely to change gradually over time to a more subtle huge. Such variations are part of the allure and beauty of natural dyes.

All our colours are tested using the ISO 105-B02 standard.

Further information is available; please contact us if you are interested to know more.